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First Resume and Interview Clinic

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

(This is a cross-post from Missional Tribe.)

Jesus follower Tim Jorgens got a burden for those currently unemployed in both our faith community and the community at large. And the great thing is that he acted on this burden and put together a free “Resume and Interview Clinic.”

We did the first one today and had 15-20 people participate.

This is something that could easily be replicated anywhere and can be a great way to become involved in a meeting a real community need. Here was our schedule. Glad to send alone our handouts to anyone wanting them and discuss what we did.


8:45: Ready for people to arrive. Be available and greet people.

9:00: Welcome:

* Overview of the morning and logistical issues.
* Quick discussion on agencies and services where you can look for job opportunities.
* Quick discussion on additional resources available in the community.
* Discuss the importance of networking.

9:30: Interview Session:

* Introduction including types of interviews and the objective of the interview.
* Review the “Ten Rules About the Interview.”
* Review sample interview questions.
* Conduct a mock team interview with a volunteer.
* Critique of interview and observations.

10:15: Break

10:30: Resume Building Session:

* Introduction.
* How to do a skills assessment using PAR.
* How to document work experience.
* Description of the two types of resumes and where to use them.
* How to construct the two types of resumes.
* How to write a cover letter.

11:15: Break-out sessions

Two break-out sessions (one for interviewing and one for resumes) where participants can have further discussion and get one-on-one help.

12:00: Close