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Hearing From the Emerging Conversation

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Many are quick to point out the issues they have with the emerging church conversation. So it is refreshing when we get to read a post that doesn’t address the negative aspects of this movement. Singing to the Deaf is one such post. In it Michael Newnham gives us a list of things we need to hear from the emerging conversation.

Here is the ten items:

1. We can’t hear you when you talk at us instead of with us.

2. Jesus said go and do after we sat and listened.

3. Jesus probably wasn’t a Republican.

4. The story is a lot bigger than proof texts.

5. Most of us wrestle with some truths we’re not supposed to question.

6. There was a Christian faith before 1900.

7. The Lord didn’t give us a dress code.

8. We would actually like to see each other after the lecture.

9. Anything worth believing can stand up to questioning…and the big one…

10. Isn’t this supposed to be about the love of God and each other?

Some good discussion also, so pop over a give it a read.