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Is the Science vs. Religion Debate Over?

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

“The Ooze” Select Blogger Book Review

Is the Science vs. Religion Debate Over? From the number of new books coming across my desk this year, it doesn’t look like it is over. I’ve had three just in recently including “Thank God for Evolution!” by Michael Dowd (Viking Adult, 2008) and “Nature’s Witness, How Evolution Can Inspire Faith” by Daniel M. Harrell (Abingdon Press, 2008) which is part of Emergent Village’s Living Theology series.

Thank God for Evolution!

Here is how the publisher describes this book:

“Thank God for Evolution! presents in a lively and accessible manner the reasons why it is now possible to view evolution as a divine process; how current science shows that evolution is not meaningless blind chance; practical methods for using evolutionary insights to achieve greater personal fulfillment and thriving relationships; and how aligning with evolutionary trends can guide activists and others hoping to make our world a better place. As a Christian minister, Dowd especially addresses the concerns that Christians have about evolution, but this book contains insights that will appeal to people of all faiths and of no faith.”

Nature’s Witness, How Evolution Can Inspire Faith

Whan asked what the author hoped people would gain from this work, he said, “Written as a pastor and practitioner, the intent is to provide scientific information and theological reflection making a connection between faith and evolution reliable, comprehensible, authentic and less fearful.”

Regarding his motivation behind writing the book, he noted, “Theological integrity demands that whatever we think about faith and life correspond to the way things actually are as opposed to how we want or wish things to be. God is the God of reality. If evolution is real, then to reject it presents difficulties for Christian faith and theology. A proposed alternative is to assume that ultimate truth resides in the heart and mind of God and to assume evolution to be part of that truth (‘all truth is God’s truth’). Based upon confirmed scientific data, a flourishing, robust Christianity stays faithful to the Biblical narrative as its source for theological reflection, while at the same time heralding scientific discovery as an accurate description of the universe on which theology reflects.”

If you are wanting to hear about Evolution from a Christian perspective, you should find these two works helpful.

I’m not interested in a debate over Creation/Intelligent Design vs. Evolution, so please don’t start one in the comments section. I bring these two works to your attention in the spirit of fairness and balance.

For those interested in my position, I’m a six day creationist to the core.