Lots of Love for the Emerging Church

Have you notice the number of blog posts lately talking about the positive good the emerging church movement has had? The posts usually (but not always) reminisce about how the movement has been an important part of the authors journey. They are a good reminder of the significance this movement has been in breathing new life into the spiritual wandering of so many.

Here are some recent samples:

Five Things to Love About the Emerging Church

Wheaton College and Positive Things About the Emerging Church

What Do You Do When a Revolution Isn’t Sexy Anymore?

Why I am still a friend of Emergent (even if we don’t talk that much anymore)

There have been even more “Is the Emerging Church Movement Dead?” posts and even a few of the posts noted above almost sound like eulogies. For a perspective on this, you might read David Fitch’s “Emergent, Organic, Missional Church: Methinks We Worry Too Much.”

Most good movements eventually fade as the nucleus of the church takes on the beneficial elements it espoused and is transformed. Let’s hope this is the case with the emerging church movement.


2 Responses to “Lots of Love for the Emerging Church”

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  2. ron cole says:

    Rick, I know with much of the restructuring of Emergent Village, and Emergent UK, some might think it has now been left to drift off into the land of virtual nowhere. I think even though the label has been peeled away, what was still there in the beginning, that Spirit that moves in mysterious ways. There are still things to be re-imagined, a theology of practice, and a practice of theology. I think the more the church becomes missional, we will re-imagine the redemptive imagination of Jesus. The more we live our theology out, the more it will engage the world with the reality of the world. Truth won’t just be literal, it will be visible and tangible. Anyways, I posted these thoughts a while back…