ReJesus Podcast

ReJesusIn this 56 minute Praxis Podcast, Alan Hirsch reviews the basis for the book he coauthored with Michael Frost — ReJesus. The big question they ask is, “Do we [the church] fairly represent what Jesus represents?”

They talk about other subjects also. Good listen.

Click here for the podcast.

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4 Responses to “ReJesus Podcast”

  1. brad brisco says:

    I listened to this podcast a few days ago. As always, I really enjoyed what Hirsch had to say, however the interview/interviewer made it rather hard to listen to at times for me. They really needed someone like Rick Meigs to conduct the interview :)

  2. D.G. Hollums says:

    Thank you for posting the podcast here on your blog. Praxis Podcast greatly appreciates it.

    btw: Brad, if you have suggestions or thoughts on how to interview, we really are just a few “pastors” that are trying to create some community…so any suggestions to help our interviewing skills. Thanks!

  3. Rick Meigs says:

    DG, thanks for popping over and commenting.

  4. brad brisco says:

    DG, I listened to the podcast again this morning and I must have had a “spur under my saddle” the first time I listen to the interview. I usually don’t come off as such a jerk, but I did with my first comment. Sorry if my words were a discouragement to you in any way.

    I have read all of Hirsch’s and Frost’s writings and have led a discussion group through “Shaping”, “Forgotten Ways” and “ReJesus.” In a selfish kind of way, I guess I wanted you to ask other questions. In restrospect, I was off base.