The Church and Politics Quiz

Most Jesus followers agree that our faith has an effect on how we approach politics, but we often disagree over the political role we and our faith communities should have. This tension is very noticeable during a presidential election year.

Leadership Journal has produced a quick survey that, in their words, “is intended to be a self-assessment tool for approximating where you stand on issues of church and state. The survey’s goal is to stimulate healthy discussion and deeper thinking.” The survey can be found here and comes in two parts.

Here’s how I scored.

Part 1: My score “indicates that [I] believe the church ought to be Politically Disengaged.”

Part 2: My score “indicates that [I] believe the church should take a prophetic posture toward the government.”

Overall: I’m a “Quiet Critic” as opposed to a Radical Reformer, Thumpin’ Theocrat, or Private Patriot.

7 Responses to “The Church and Politics Quiz”

  1. Peggy says:

    Well, with a vertical score of 34 and a horizontal score of 36, I’m almost dead center…but I come out one point into the “Private Patriot” quadrant.

    That’s about right…I can move into any of the quadrants when the situation warrants it, because I see things as way more complicated that usually portrayed.

  2. Duncan says:

    I came out as a radical reformer….but ironically, only just…..

    If they tried to sign Battle Hymn of the Republic in the church I attend that would be a bit wierd as it’s in Scotland…

  3. Rick Meigs says:

    Singing the Battle Hymn in Scotland would be weird:-).

    My Mom is a Brit and she often threatened to run the Union Jack up the flag poll on the 4th of July.

  4. Robert says:

    I scored the same as you did Rick. My exact scores were 29 on Part 1 and 15 on Part 2.

  5. Rick Meigs says:

    Robert: Thanks for commenting. I think my scores were 29 and 27, so I was a little higher on Part 2 than you.

  6. Amy Sherman says:

    Dear Rick,

    I recently discovered your online presence and see that we have some similar interests and concerns. I wanted to contact you for two quick reasons:

    1) To let you know about — a clearinghouse with very extensive (and mostly free) resources for community ministry practitioners;

    2) To ask you for your mailing address, as I would like to send you a free copy of my devotional booklet, Sharing God’s Heart for the Poor: Meditations for Prayer, Worship, and Service.

    I’ve been involved in church-based community ministry for twenty years; founded and formerly directed an urban ministry in Virginia; and now serve as a “minister to ministries” by offering capacity building services. (For more info, see my website at My team and I spent years putting FASTEN together (with support from the Pew Charitable Trusts and others) and want to see the site better marketed. If you take a look and find it valuable, I’d greatly appreciate your mentioning it in your blog/website/newsletter. Ditto for my devotional booklet, which sells for $3/each plus shipping. I offer discounts for groups that wish to purchase it in bulk. I’ve sold over 20,000 of them and they are often used as preparatory materials for short-term mission trips and in adult Sunday School classes.

    Thanks so much for your consideration of this.

    Amy Sherman, Ph.D.

  7. Jim Sawyer says:

    Hey Rick. Really appreciate this link. I took the quiz and scored 26 and17, ending in the same quadrant as you as a “Quiet Critic” but with somewhat different scores. Fascinating quiz. I may use it with my high school kids at school. Also wanted you to know that I’ve been asked to submit “my understanding” of the word missional for a near-term and important conversaton. I found your material on Friend of Missional to be incredibly helpful and will not only use (and attribute) it but blog on it myself. Good on ya for helping this forward! And thanks for the help.