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Having noted that orthodoxy (right belief) is not enough, I am not suggesting that it is not important. Far from it! Right belief is an irreplaceable element of any discipleship in the way of Jesus. However the church nearly always sees orthodoxy narrowly, as a commitment to propositional truth, assuming that the knowledge of God is received through purely the cognitive functions. I am convinced that if we are to come to a full appreciation of God, our thinking about him must be right, but it must be complimented by orthopraxy and orthopathy if we are to come to a full-orbed, biblical, engagement with (and knowledge of) God. —Alan Hirsch


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  1. Nigel Coles says:

    Hi – very new to blog world, but can I join in this one? I’m UK based – a Baptist regional Minister looking at how we transition towards a missional way of being etc.