Another Jesus Freak Called Home

According to his brother Charles, Larry Norman passed away at 2:45 am, Sunday, February 24, 2008. He died of heart failure at his home in Salem, Oregon, which is just down the road from Portland. Larry is often called the ‘Father of Christian Rock.’

What a memorable comment from Chris Willman, senior music writer for Entertainment Weekly, on who Larry was and how he lived his life:

“He really could’ve been a star if he were singing about something other than Jesus.”

Wiki entry on Larry is here.

Larry Norman sings his “farewell song” and this great late set with Mike Roe.

And here is another titled, Larry Norman and the Jesus Movement. Great stuff.

One Response to “Another Jesus Freak Called Home”

  1. Webb says:

    Thanks Rick, I hadn’t heard. Larry was a big influence on a lot of us. When you stop to think about it, he probably was one of the prophets of today’s missional movement. He was way ahead of everyone.