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“The Old Punk looks worried.

It’s 12:30 p.m. on a sunny summer Sunday, and Ken Loyd is supposed to serve lunch to 50 people. They gather at the western end of the Hawthorne Bridge awaiting his weekly church service. The food is the big draw, a hot meal on the one day when most soup kitchens shut down.

Loyd has had a rough morning. The Beaverton congregation providing lunch is late. The batteries on the toy microphone he preaches with just died. Athletes from the Portland Triathlon have nudged his audience of homeless men and women from their normal spot.

Less than 50 feet from where Loyd stands, athletes enjoy massages, organic pizza and microbrew. Though they just swam, biked and ran almost 32 miles, most look cleaner and better rested than the displaced.

Loyd has no time to note the incongruous setting. The minister, aging hippie and recovering drug addict, is too busy fretting. He rubs a hand through his silver Mohawk as if trying to summon a genie from a bottle. He’s losing his crowd. Where is the food?

So begins an article in the Sunday, November 11th addition of our local daily, The Oregonian, on Ken Loyd’s new church in Portland of street kids called Home PDX. Deborah and Ken Loyd started The Bridge where Deborah is still it pastor.

God, I love this couple and their intentionality — for going and being Christ to those on the margin. Our Lord calls them Blessed.

Read the full article here and also hear Ken and Deborah’s heart in this YouTube clip.

2 Responses to “Home PDX”

  1. brad grinnen says:


    great video. are you still working with ken occassionally? dani and i had a really great time with deborah and totally enjoyed meeting stephanie, her daughter. i walked down to deborah’s church on mississippi street but they were closing up shop by the time i got there.

    we’ve thought of stephanie often and hope to get back out to oregon to visit with her sooner than later. if that’s the case, we’ll look you up:)


  2. Rick Meigs says:

    Hey Brad, think of you guys often. Do look us up when you get out again.

    Haven’t been down to The Bridge in a while, but feel the urge to do so. I’ve been trying to get around to a number of the emerging/missional type gatherings this fall and still stay committed to our own. Spent a very enjoyable Sunday at Evergreen a couple of weeks ago. Imago Dei and Mosaic are next on the list.