Brad and Dani Grinnen

My wife and I had the great pleasure and honor of hosting Brad and Dani Grinnen in our home yesterday. We had a wonderful three or so hours of conversation on a wide range of subjects and interests. What fun!

I “met” Brad through his blog (lance and brad) and comments on The Blind Beggar. They are from Virginia where Brad is on staff at White Stone Church of the Nazarene. Dani is an artist and you can find her website at

Congratulation also on the anticipated birth of their first child in January (if I remember right).

They are off enjoying the beautiful Oregon coast today and I bet he will have some pictures over at his blog before long.

JJ: Greetings and they wish they were not so far North.


10 Responses to “Brad and Dani Grinnen”

  1. Eric says:

    White Stone Church of the Nazarene represent! :D

  2. Rick Meigs says:

    Eric…do you know Brad and Dani?

  3. John Smulo says:

    Thanks Rick. Hope to catch them and you in person sometime in the future!

  4. Webb says:

    I guess Portland’s becomng quite the missional hotspot, eh? ;)

  5. Rick Meigs says:

    It is a great place to visit, no?

  6. Webb says:

    It is that. Nice people there too. Well, at least the couple we met. ;)

  7. Eric says:


    Brad’s my youth pastor :]. And yeah, I know Dani too.

  8. Rick Meigs says:

    Eric: How cool is that!

  9. brad grinnen says:


    we had such an incredible time with you and your wife. it was such an honor to be invited into your home and garden. i’m just finishing up a post on the visit and will have pics up soon.

    i look forward to getting together again in the future. and if you and your wife are ever in the area, let’s pull together:)


  10. Steve says:

    I searched my last name and you guys came up. i was wondering where you guys a from? I live in New Middletown, Ohio. My Family is from Wampum, Pennsylvania all the way back to my great grandfather. Curious if are related in anyway???
    Have a great day.