Micro-Lenders Evaluated

Slate magazine recently asked the question, “Which microlenders cater to individual donors? And which is the most satisfying place to sink my dime?” Jude Stewart in, “A Good Run for Your Money,” decided to find out. Using three criteria: User Experience, Trust, and Effectiveness, she evaluates six microlenders. And winner is…. Kiva (narrowly)!

You can read about my experience with Kiva at “Dr. Yunus, ‘Banker to the Poor’.”

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7 Responses to “Micro-Lenders Evaluated”

  1. brad grinnen says:


    thanks for the link. tomorrow is the end of our praying season and we will decide which borrower to lend to…and then we’ll lend. i’m really excited about this. i’ll keep you up to date from time to time.


  2. Rick Meigs says:

    Gook luck with it Brad and do a post once in a while on your experience.

  3. Rick Meigs says:

    Bryan: Why the sigh?

  4. Paul says:

    thanks Rick!

  5. Kevin says:

    Yes, I support Kiva too. I just funded 3 businesses last night and is starting a group to create awareness about Kiva.

  6. Rick Meigs says:

    Kevin: Starting a Kiva group sounds like a super idea. Good luck with it and look forward to reading how it is going.