Principles of Economics, Translated

Ok, time to lighten up.

Some know that my major in college was economics and I still LOVE economics. So when I came across this very funny YouTube lecture/performance by Dr. Yoram Bauman, I couldn’t stop laughing. Even if you don’t love economics, enjoy :-).

4 Responses to “Principles of Economics, Translated”

  1. colin says:

    I’ll have to share this with my older brother. He is an economist. We are always joking about the various models, diagrams, and charts that get him excited, and leave the rest of us wondering if we indeed have anything between our ears. Thank you. The laugh was indeed therapeutic

  2. Scott Eggert says:

    I loved watching this video. I loved my college econ course, and I have been reading Freakonomics with a friend of mine. What a kick.

    Love the blog btw. I subscribed to your feed after stumbling into your site from Smulo and Morehead’s sites.

  3. Rick Meigs says:

    Scott: Glad you found us. I read the Freakonomics site often also. Good stuff.

  4. Ariah Fine says:

    Thanks for the link I really enjoyed that.