100th Friend of Missional

Friend of Missional

Friend of Missional just added its 100th blog supporting the missional paradigm. The blogs are from around the world including: Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, and USA.

Technorati shows 391 links from 161 blogs which gives FoM a rank of 21,119.

I’ve always seen FoM as a way to bridge and unify a broad spectrum of Christian traditions (including Emerging) around what I believe is the real core of what God is stirring within his people today – being a missional people in a very real and true sense. To that end, FoM is designed to start a conversation, create an awareness of the concept, help define its focus, and bring together others who share the passion.

I pray that this stirring of God will have a lasting impact on his people and that fifty years hence, people will look back to this time and comment on the wonderful transformation God started within his Body as a result of the Emerging/Missional movement.

8 Responses to “100th Friend of Missional”

  1. Rick Meigs says:

    Thanks Jerry.

  2. John Smulo says:

    Well done Rick. You’ve provided a very helpful resource, and I’m glad it continues to receive wide attention.

  3. Webb Kline says:

    Thanks Rick. FOM has been extremely helpful fro me in helping to educate people within my sphere of influence–far beyond the blogosphere.

    The connections I have made through this whole thing continues to amaze me.

  4. Adam G. says:

    Congrats. How does the Friend of Missional thing work, anyway?

  5. Rick Meigs says:

    Adam. To be added to the “Friend of Missional” blog list, all you have to do is add the “Friend of Missional” logo (with a link back to the FoM site) on your blog. I have html code available if you need it.

  6. Good job Rick, I keep seeing the logo everywhere I go on the web it seems. The conversation is spreading and I’m sure that people are living out what is being discussed. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Duncan

  7. Rick Meigs says:

    Duncan: Thanks for the encouragement. I really do pray and hope people are living out the missional life. Doesn’t do us much good to “talk it” if we are not willing to also “walk it.”