Pastor Samuel Lamb Quote

More persecution, more growing!
— Pastor Samuel Lamb

Samuel Lamb is a Chinese house church pastor who has spent 20 years of his life in prison for his faith.

10 Responses to “Pastor Samuel Lamb Quote”

  1. Shannon says:

    I don’t think we in America really want to welcome growth via persecution. I know I don’t, do you? :) I’d rather grow in other ways.

  2. Rick Meigs says:

    Oh how true Shannon, but I see the real point being that we need, as American Christians, to be stripped of so many of the “Christian concerns” that keep us from being who God called us to be.

  3. joe kennedy says:

    Have you read “Back to Jerusalem” by Paul Hattaway? Man that’s incredible. One of my favorite quotes comes from Brother Yun.

    “Don’t pray for the persecution to stop! We shouldn’t pray for a lighter load to carry, but a stronger back to endure! Then the world will see that God is with us, empowering us to live in a way that reflects his love and power.”


  4. John Lunt says:

    Rick, I really don’t like that quote… :-) but I’m afraid it is true. Coming from charismatic circles it always drove me crazy when folks would quote Revelation 12:11 – sort of.

    “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,”

    but they always left out the part after the coma,
    ” and they did not love their lives to the death.”

    I almost get sick when we lose a legal battle over our rights as a Christian, such as doing a prayer at a football game and we call that “persecution.”

    We don’t have a clue what real persecution is. Our brothers and sisters in China know. I hope when our time starts coming they send some brothers and sisters here to help us figure out how to live with it and remain faithful.

  5. Rick Meigs says:

    Joe: Thanks for commenting.

    I have read “Back to Jerusalem” and highly recommend it. A couple of other real good ones are Randy Alcorn’s “Safely Home” and David Aikman’s “Jesus in Beijing.” Both are great reads.

  6. Rick Meigs says:

    John: Oh how true. Interesting how we “claim” so many verses that are incomplete. We want to good, but not that which goes with it. I certainly am not one who wants to come under the type of persecution faced by so many Jesus followers in other parts of the world, but I do pray that we as American Christians would understand that we are strangers and exiles in this world and act like it. True Christianity will never be “cool” in the worlds eyes.

  7. joe kennedy says:

    Rick, I think I have Jesus in Beijing, but for sure I have The Heavenly Man as well. I haven’t had a chance to read either yet, though. I guess when I get out of school sometime I can do that. I’ll look up Safely Home too.

  8. Webb Kline says:

    I can honestly say that my greatest growth has come while suffering, but 20 years of unjust incarceration? I can’t imagine saying that after enduring something like that.

    But when you consider that something like 1200 people an hour become Christians when they know they could face the same consequences for doing so, and then you look at the kind of money the western church justifies spending on itself to gain–what is it? 2 new members per church per year?–and you seriously have to wonder what is wrong with that picture. But do we? Yeah a few of us do. But the mass of church leaders and followers, like blind leaders of the blind, will continue to rush on in Balaam’s error (God warning them out of the mouths of a thousand talking asses) until it too late to do anything about it, and their collective towers of Babel finally come crumbling down. It frustrates me greatly and saddens me beyond belief. Yet I won’t give up believing that there is hope.

    “Your sins have become like a high wall, cracked and bulging. A wall that collapses so suddenly. Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you. He rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him.”

  9. Rick Meigs says:

    What a contrast: Spend little or no money on evangelism and just let God be God in the life of his people and 1200 per hour become Jesus followers. Adopt western business practices and market God and we get two new Jesus followers per year.

  10. Christine Haiyan Jin says:

    Dear friends,
    I thank God that I was seated at the Samuel Lamb’s church for years introduced by a 27 middle senior high school mate also a sister in Christ Jesus Alice Lu. So I thank the lord for this experience and all the blessings the church of Samuel Lamb had blessed me. Thank God that I am praying for pastor Samuel Lamb’s Son pastor Lin to be perhaps , so that I perhaps will by the grace of the lord granted with entrance of his church which is in Chicago USA. God bless the pastor Samuel Lamb’s church and his four perhaps five generation Christian service to the lord.
    In the name of Jesus Christ I al so confess sins if my writing is inappropriate.