A Question Worth Pondering

Anthony Bradley, associate professor of theology and ethics at The King’s College in New York City, writes an interesting commentary entitled “Too missional for abortion?

He queries:

All of this has me wondering why the missional, center-city evangelicals, who are all about “justice,” “loving the city,” “renewing the city,” “serving the city,” etc., do not seem to consider abortion one those flagship “justice” issues.

It’s a question worth pondering.


3 Responses to “A Question Worth Pondering”

  1. ron cole says:

    Hey Rick, most see it as a ” judgement ” is rather than a ” justice ” issue. We’ll condemn the sin of abortion…but won’t condemn the sin of not taking care of a single mother and child.

  2. I think this is based on the same assumptions that say “Missional people are all talk & no action”. Abortion is a brutally difficult reality to deal with, both prior to the abortion and for those who have been through one. The fear & hate that flies from both sides of the issue fuels the isolation and silence that many women sadly deal with in respect to abortion. Thus, the missional folks engaged in abortion I know do so at a grass roots, pastoral level.

  3. Patrick O says:

    I think Jamie has it right.

    Though, I also think there is, in this issue, a fair bit of the reactionary element to what is missional. A lot of missional approaches could be deduced by noting what is traditionally Evangelical and doing the exact opposite. I think missional messages and approaches become much more coherent when the people involved move past trying to be all out contrasts to the typical Evangelical Right Wing approaches. This reactionary aspect also suggests a lot more anger at old approaches than pure missional goals.

    This isn’t true for absolutely everyone involved, but I think it is is a varying amount of truth for most.