A Typical vs. Missional Church Foundation

I was in my “nothing” box just mindlessly popping around the web when I ran across Adam’s blog, The Thin Place.

In 2005 he created and posted a couple of interesting visuals inspired while reading Dan Kimball’s book “Emerging Worship.” I found them interesting and clarifying. What do you think?


Missional foundation


Missional foundation


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6 Responses to “A Typical vs. Missional Church Foundation”

  1. Peggy says:

    Love this, Rick … thanks for sharing!

  2. Bob Robinson says:

    Yes, I like these. A lot.
    It says, as Hirsch does, that our ecclesiology must follow our missiology, which must follow our Christology.

  3. Matt Stone says:

    Nice succinct diagram Rick

  4. Rick Meigs says:

    Oops, haven’t been getting over here to respond. Sorry.

    Thanks for the comments. I like a visual presentation of any concept. Helps me understand it better than just words.

  5. Love this. Great simple way of showing where our focuses need to be.

    My blog – The Kingdom Post Part of the missional conversation.


  6. Rick Meigs says:

    Thanks Cameron, and thanks for pointing me to your blog. Always interested in new places to check out.