An Interview With Dr. Gordon Fee

This post about Dr. Gordon Fee (emeritus professor of New Testament at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a bit of a departure from the norm and I promise not to make it a habit.

Dr. Fee’s latest work, Revelation, was published in October as part of the New Covenant Commentary series. I’ve got it on order and look forward to having it in my library. We desperately need a thoughtful and biblical take on this book that isn’t filtered through our dominate western rationalistic worldview.

In the 32 minute video interview below, Dr. Fee talks about the book of Revelation and basic principles of understanding Scripture.

Here are a few select quotes to give you a taste for the interview.

I don’t have trouble with people reading the Bible literally, because most of it is to be understood literally. But they shouldn’t read the Psalms or the Revelation that way. Yes, take it literally in terms of what it is, but please let it be its thing, don’t make it different than what it is.

[Revelation is] a marvelous book, and I just cringe whenever I see and hear people take it and make it have to do primarily with something in our future, when the only stuff that’s in our future [is] chapters 21 and 22. Everything else belongs back in the near future of these seven churches and all other Christians at the beginning of the second century.

I just experience enormous pain when I hear [Revelation] used in a Dispensationalist way, because frankly they know almost nothing about the book as John intended.

The problem with North Americans … is that we think we have a special privilege with God and we should get all the breaks and none of the pain.

[If there is one thing to know about the book of Revelation, know that it is] about the first century church that is headed for a terrible two century holocaust. Read it with that in view and then ask yourself, where do I fit in.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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One Response to “An Interview With Dr. Gordon Fee”

  1. Rob Bellani says:

    Thank you for this interview with Dr Gordon Fee.
    I’m speechless.
    I have been reading a few of his books, I have to read them very slowly because of the richness of there content. It’s the first time I’ve seen what Dr Gordon Fee looks like. I’m not dissapointed, here is a brother I could look to for advice and rebuke. I would hope to meet someone in a fellowship that would have the same passion for God and His Word. I know that trying to enter into a conversation about the Word with many brothers or sisters is pointless because of their lack of intrest. It’s sad.

    I am looking forward in buying Brother Gordons book on Revelation very soon.

    Thanks again for this moment.

    May God continue to Bless your work.