Confronting Idols & Making Disciples

Good, good, good stuff in this five minute video excerpt of Chris Wright, Langham Partnership’s International Director, on confronting idols and making disciples.

HT: Bill and Imbi Kinnon

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2 Responses to “Confronting Idols & Making Disciples”

  1. Jim Doepken says:

    Good to see as I work on a sermon on Stewardship. I think most of our folks, when it comes to money issues, think “What’s the big deal!” This ties our consumerism with what it is…idolatry…and something which pulls us away from the worship of the Almighty God.

  2. Rick Meigs says:

    How very true Jim. ‘What’s the big deal, I tithe” is the all too common mind-set. I’d be interested in how the people respond to your message.