The Church: A Who, Not a What

I’ve often noted that the term “church” refers to the people of God; the called out ones; those formed for his dwelling and bearers of his presence in the world. It doesn’t refer to a building, denomination or physical location.

This video clip points this out well. I wish I’d had it for the class I recently taught on the subject. My tagline for the class was, “The Church is a who, not a what.”

HT: Rob Fairbanks


2 Responses to “The Church: A Who, Not a What”

  1. Thanks for posting this! It is one of the most innovative expressions of church in the Christian Associates movement.

  2. rick,

    i’m usually not big on videos produced by Christians, because they usually are poor quality or lack serious artistic and creative integrity.

    this one however, was done extremely well with solid content.

    thanks for this.