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Word Images of the Gospel

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I’m a visual/kinesthetic learner. As a visual learners I learn best by seeing information. So to discover insights into something, I’m always looking for a way to picture information. A word cloud is one way to do this.

A word cloud gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the data being examined. So the more frequent a word appears in the text, the larger it appears in the word cloud. This allows one to quickly see main ideas, subjects or thoughts based on the words used.

I recently created word clouds (below) for the gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

It’s interesting to see commonality, as one would expect, but also the uniqueness of each.


gospel of matthew word cloud


gospel of mark word cloud


gospel of luke word cloud


gospel of john word cloud

Reaction to Pew’s Religious Knowledge Survey

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Just finished reading the Pew Research Center’s U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey where they find that atheists, agnostics, Jews and Mormons are among the highest-scoring groups on religious knowledge, outperforming evangelical Protestants, mainline Protestants and Catholics.

Interesting read, but how they can attempt to provide a baseline measurement of how much Americans (quoting them) “know about the beliefs and practices of major religious traditions as well as the role of religion in American history and public life” with just 32 questions is a mystery.

It would seem to me that one would have to ask hundreds of question to get a proper sense of our comprehension of this extensive subject. And my guess is that the scores would be a lot poorer than this 32 question survey reflects.

You can take Pew’s test here to see how you do in comparison with the 3,412 randomly sampled adults in their survey.

I’d be interested in your reaction and thoughts on this survey including whether you see any noteworthy implication in the reality that evangelical Protestants have less religious knowledge than some other groups.

An Odious Movement

Friday, January 30th, 2009

This is a cross post from my blog at Missional Tribe.

One of the Missional Tribe instigators Brad Sargent (aka futuristguy) brought to my attention a movement called The Seven Mountains.

Here is their guiding premise: “When we [Christians] lose our influence, we lose the culture, and when we lose the culture, we fail to advance the Kingdom of God.”

Now, I find this premise to be extremely disturbing, a completely non-biblical proposition and in opposition to the missional paradigm.

1) Jesus followers do not seek influence or power as The Seven Mountains movement advocates. Missionality is in part about being powerless. Not spiritual powerlessness, but material or temporal powerlessness.

2) We can’t lose something that is not ours. We live in a culture, we don’t possess it.

3) Not saying we don’t play a role, but the last time I check, God advances his kingdom, not us. And it certainly isn’t dependent on the culture one finds themselves in.

Speaking of Brad Sargent, he has just posted an excellent critique called Examining “The Seven Mountains” Movement. This is a must read in my opinion.

If you want to hear about this movement in their own words, check out this video.

Discussion question. How is the Seven Mountains movement a contrast or in opposition to the missional movement?

A Non-Conference

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Saturday, January 3rd from 8am-4pm Christ Community will be hosting a missional (non)conference in Fort Wayne, IN, called “Seeding Missional Communities: A Learning Commons.” Read more about this non-conference here and here.

Giving Thanks

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Giving Thanks